About UsDots

Contact Enhance offers developers the ability to interrogate a large set of high quality business data accessed programatically using an API (Application Program Interface).

Our API connects many different data points across the Web and V1.02 provides access to a variety of fields including Company Name, Email Address, Domain Name, Telephone Number, Post Code, Annual Turnover, Employee Bandwidth and SIC details.

Every new user can register under our free plan and receive 50 credits every month completely free of charge however license restrictions do apply and no data retrieved from Contact Enhance under the free plan can be used for commercial purposes or resold to any third parties.

Users on the free plan can upgrade their account and increase the monthly limit from 50 records under the free plan to Bronze. Bronze offers users up to 100 credits per month at a cost of £99 per month. If Bronze is not sufficient then users can upgrade to Silver which offers users up to 350 credits per month at a cost of £249. Our Gold plan offers up to 1,000 credits per month at a cost of £499. For more significant plans please contact us via our support page for immediate assistance.

Please note that a credit is a record so if you request the first name, last name and email address for a company and the API returns all 3 fields then you have used 1 credit and your account will be debited accordingly. If however our API does not find a matching company and returns a null value then you have not used any credits. If our API only finds the email address and no first name or last name then you will have used 1 credit.

It is important to remember that at Contact Enhance we take abuse very seriously and occasionally seed results to monitor usage.